Quality Assurance

HVE Hydro Vac Excavations consistently works in line with ISO9001 certification and adopts the highest standards to ensure the provision of consistently high quality services, to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to lead the industry.

The company pursues the following goals in the field of quality assurance:

  1. Compliance of our business policies and procedures.
  2. Professional and technical level of our service must correspond to or exceed that of the leading businesses offering similar services.
  3. Responsibility to customers for the quality of the services rendered.
  4. Cost efficiency of the services as compared with other companies operating in the market.
  5. Development and implementation of new services that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.
  6. Continuous monitoring of complaints and claims from customers, with aim of maintaining these at zero.

The strategy for achieving these goals is:

  1. Focus on the processes of delivering professional, high quality and environmentally friendly services.
  2. Satisfaction of the customers’ requirements to all services. Fulfillment of the customers’ requirements within the shortest periods of time and to the highest level of service to encourage repeat business.
  3. Understanding of the customer needs, through continuous liaising to better understand their present and future specific requirements.
  4. Strict quality assurance procedures at all stages of the services, well-defined personnel responsibility and accountability for quality assurance.
  5. Primary focus on prevention of a possible decrease in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level.

Continuous and consistent training of all personnel in the area of quality, and encouragement by way of rewards of each employee’s participation in the improvement of services.

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