High Pressure Water Blasting
& Floor Cleaning

Our high pressure, environmentally safe water blasting services are ideal for all high pressure cleaning tasks.

Our unique process is chemical free and relies on the high pressure water blaster delivered from the hydro/combo units and specialised fittings and techniques.

Perfect for concrete or paved driveways, paths or any surface requiring heavy duty cleaning, recent water blasting projects in boat ramps and air ducting systems.

Used in conjunction with our vacuum system and the experience of our certified operators at working in confined spaces, we are also able to clean tanks, traps or pits.

In addition to major water blasting projects, Hydro Vac’s specialised attachments enable us to quickly and efficiently clean small and large concreted and paved areas.

Our equipment is suitable for domestic driveways or large warehouse floors and everything in between.

 Enquire on: (07) 4057 6300


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